About us

Sam has been a chocoholic her entire life, in fact barely a day goes by where chocolate isn't consumed in some shape or form! She trained initially in psychology, and later went on to study law and work in Cheltenham as a property lawyer for several years. However, after indulging her inner chocolatier by completing several professional training courses at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Oxfordshire, Sam decided it was time to pursue her passion for chocolate by setting up in business. She called time on her legal career in July 2016, and thus Wychwood Chocolates was born, in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds countryside.


Sam is dedicated to creating the finest quality chocolates, using fresh ingredients and imaginative flavour / texture combinations. She does not use expensive or complicated machinery, preferring instead to temper her chocolate and create her chocolates, truffles and pralines by hand using traditional methods. Artificial flavours and preservatives are also not used. This does mean that fresh truffles have a shorter shelf life than most shop-bought products, but we hope you'll agree that the results are truly indulgent, richly-flavoured chocolates.

What people are saying about Wychwood Chocolates...


"Well I was not expecting to have to input an entire box (sod the husband) on my fitness pal. The gingerbread and popping candy minty ones are absolutely DIVINE."



"Fantastic chocolate. Consumed very very quickly."

Me 2 Shire Xmas 2016 Solid Selection (2)